RAIM Cardinal Principles


Our principle goal is to contribute to the complete abolition of class society via building toward socialist revolution; in its place we mean to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and the construction of a Communist–that is, classless–society. Additionally, we reject postmodern, liberal-utopian and technocratic “alternatives” to scientific socialism, and uphold the validity of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism.

Parasitism Theory

The First and Third World exist in a state of over- and under-development. The First world has, through the maldevelopment of the Third World, achieved a parasitic domination over it. This relationship has produced an unconventional set of material conditions in the First World which has, in turn, produced a unique class make-up in the oppressor countries in which the labor aristocracy and petty bourgeoisie, who we see as enemy classes, predominate both politically and numerically.

The Labor Aristocracy

We believe that the labor aristocracy, primarily that of the oppressor countries, is in fact a class and that they furthermore are an enemy class, they are not one which our program can conform to; it must oppose their ideology and their institutions. If we are to build proletarian class hegemony and construct a real revolutionary class, we cannot accomplish our goals through the capitulation to the labor aristocracy and petty bourgeoisie of the oppressor nations in order to attain cheap popularity or easy victories. We have seen, over the past century, the program of appeasement toward the imperial labor aristocracy lead constantly to failure.

Global People’s War

The fundamental global strategy for anti-imperialist revolution in the 21st century; we posit that in an era where class and capitalism is global, so too must be the revolutionary response to it. Global People’s War is founded on the concepts laid out by thinkers such as Lin Biao in “Long Live the Victory of People’s War” and Che Guevara in his message to the Tri-Continental. If we are to defeat imperialism, we must locate ourselves in the global imperialist framework consisting of the “global cities” in the First World–the receiver of most of the world’s surplus value–and surrounded by the “global countryside” or the Third World countries from which most of the world’s surplus value is extracted. In the strategy of Protracted People’s War, the aim is to “surround the cities from the countryside” to cut off the flow of surplus value which fuels development in the cities; in a Global People’s War, the goal is to surround the global cities from the global countryside, to choke off the flow of surplus value from the Third World to the First. This, however, includes those movements in the First World as being component to the process. Through organizations built out of the particular conditions of the First World countries, apart from the imperialist labor aristocracy, we hope to generate a Northern front of the global struggle against imperialism.

National Liberation

National liberation is one of the most important components toward Global Protracted People’s War, without the liberation of oppressed nations from their oppressor, and the self determination of their peoples, there can be no genuine revolutionary movement toward the abolition of all class society. We therefore unconditionally support the struggles of oppressed nations against imperialism and for their full right to self determination. We do not simply support, but strive to participate and assist in whatever way possible to see it through to completion. Our understanding demands decolonization be placed in the hands of the colonized people and wielded against the oppressor nation. In this line of thought, we not only hold ourselves in opposition to colonialism (both neo- and internal-colonialism) as a system, but reject all legitimacy of settler colonial states, and their national projects. The demands for liberation and decolonization thus belong to the indigenous and occupied peoples, not the settlers and imperialists whose livelihood is built atop them! Kanada, amerika, israel, south afrika, australia and all other settler states are illegitimate and must cease to exist.

Joint-Dictatorship of the Proletariat of Oppressed Nations

The necessary political strategy for world revolution to accompany the GPPW must result in the establishment of a Joint-Dictatorship of the Proletariat of Oppressed Nations (JDPON). Throughout the history of world imperialism there has been a massive accumulation of wealth in the core imperialist countries of the First World. We understand that to move forward in the hope of Communism without reconciling the vast division of wealth and labor between the First and Third Worlds can only produce social imperialism; Communism cannot be built over the hoards of stolen wealth in the core, to advance this contradiction must be resolved. To resolve this, and to sew together those movements who should coalesce in the global strategy of Global Protracted People’s War, we must have a Global New Democratic Revolution, in which a coalition toward the alter-globalization of the world is formed from the cooperation of the Proletarian and Progressive states of the oppressed countries, under the leadership of the Proletariat, to guide the revolutionary forces toward the defeat of imperialism. As well, to promote revolutionary consciousness and catalyze the development toward the JDPON: the global settling of accounts through which the means of production of the core countries are internationalized and their wealth is redistributed to those countries which have been historically robbed. It is through this process of JDPON that the contradiction between oppressor/oppressed nations is resolved and the oppressor countries are integrated into the world socialist project.

Revolutionary Feminism

We believe in the total liberation of the gender/sexually oppressed from their subjugation under patriarchy. This, however, can only be accomplished through the collective and revolutionary struggle for the abolition of gender and patriarchy as a whole through a protracted revolutionary program. We stand firmly against those programs which emphasize individual “personal empowerment” over that of building a strong collective movement for the destruction of patriarchy. The anti-imperialist and communist movement must recognize that without the abolition of patriarchy there can be no victory for the world proletariat. This means that all women and queer people must be free, all transgender people must be recognized, and a path must be forged to the eventual abolition of patriarchy and gender altogether! Without this, the proletarian revolution cannot be fulfilled.