Third Worldism
Marxist Critique of Imperialist Political Economy

Third Worldism: Marxist Critique of Imperialist Political Economy is an ‘advanced introduction’ to Third Worldist analysis of global class structures. It is meant to inform those already familiar with the basics of Marxism about the structural significance of global wage scaling. This book helps answer important questions regarding the structures of modern capitalist-imperialism and its implications for the struggle for socialism. Collected from articles posted on, this edited volume offers a more coherent presentation of Third Worldist theory.

How can we understand, from a Marxist perspective, the massive disparities between workers in the First and Third World? Can some workers exist at the expense of other workers, and how? Third Worldism begins to lay a Marxist theoretical framework for understand the relationships involved in global wealth inequalities. In the process, it challenges some of the most fundamental ideas of mainstream Marxism today.