A Thousand Truths
Maoist (Third Worldist) FAQ

A very basic Maoist (Third Worldist) FAQ suitable for people new to marxism. It addresses the following questions:

  1. Didn’t Communism already fail?
  2. Wouldn’t a classless society go against human nature?
  3. Don’t you realize no one will buy this stuff?
  4. What would a society based on Marxist phi-losophy look like?
  5. Does Marxism oppose democracy?
  6. Does communism oppose individuality?
  7. Socialism? That means more state regulations, wage hikes, and welfare programs?
  8. What is capitalism?
  9. Doesn’t Capitalism reward hard work?
  10. Can’t we just get capitalism to work for everybody?
  11. If capitalism is so bad, why do we have it?
  12. How can you say Americans are not exploited!? Millions of Americans live in abject poverty!
  13. Isn’t Marxism eurocentric?
  14. What exactly is one to do in the US?