5 Principles of Organising


Revolutions do not come easily. Rather, they require a variety of factors, including a determined force of collective vanguard elements composed of quality cadre.


To be a revolutionary is to be both a learner and teacher. Cadres must dedicate themselves to learning both from the previous experience of revolutionary movements and from day-to-day practice.


It is not enough to know the world. Communists must change it. This begins with building public opinion and organizing ever greater numbers into revolutionary coalitions.


In order to maintain tactical initiative and strategic strength, it is necessary for vanguard elements to operate alongside and among various forces while retaining ultimate independence.


All of our actions must be based on the emergent and long-standing needs of global proletarian revolution. Communists must be a beacon of proletarian politics while having strategic confidence in the ability of the exploited and oppressed masses to carry forward revolution.