Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement

What is RAIM?

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (RAIM) is a collective of revolutionary communists based primarily in the imperialist countries of north amerika and western europe.

We aim to build support for a broad front against imperialism, while simultaneously confronting opportunism and chauvinism in the First World left. We recognize that our location within the “belly of the beast” has presented us with a unique set of conditions, around and against which our practice must be constructed. Confronted by a complacent working class served by an opportunist left, and alienated from the proletariat through the receipt of surplus value drained from the Third World, we must understand the ideological and strategic implications of struggle from within the parasitic core. It benefits neither the left in the oppressor or oppressed nations to pretend that the condition of the working class around the world is the same.

If the condition of the workers in the oppressor and oppressed nations is not the same, it stands to reason that the practice of the left in the oppressed and oppressor nations cannot be the same. In view of this, we strive to create a community of interests with the revolutionaries and the Third World rather than First World imperialism; support the struggles for national liberation among the internal colonies rather than the social-chauvinist movements of the labor aristocracy; push forward a program of Decolonization, Global People’s War and the Joint Dictatorship of the Proletariats of Oppressed Nations, against the idea that the stolen wealth of the overdeveloped countries is to be used to enrich the lives of their citizens alone; and towards the final defeat of capitalism-imperialism, the establishment of scientific socialism and ultimate victory of communism.

Latest Updates

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement is No More

After 13 years of work, our organization has dissolved.

On the Supposed Dissolution of Red Guards Austin

A response to opportunist declarations.

A Framework for Mass Organizations

The following was written for the purposes of providing a framework and orientation for the expansion of political work into the stage of independent mass organizations and an elaboration on the progressing structure of our cadre organization. This is by no means exhaustive, and high individual agency is important in the success of the transition from general, day-to-day political work to the independent mass organization stage. However, this should not detract from the important of the guidelines and framework contained here. Discipline in organization is key, and this transition cannot be attempted lightly. Steps cannot be skipped in this process.

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